London has always been a little strange to me, i has been there many times but never really seen ooh experienced it.

Everytime i go to london i go to visit family so we don’t do anything. But this time it will be different. For the first time in years i am going to London, to go and see the town, to do all the touristy things that i never gotten to do before.

It is a four day trip, wensday to sunday a perfect get away to London in my opinion.
I have planed alot things for the four days, a visit to the lion king theater show, madame tussauds, the star wars experince exhibition, a fun day shoping is also planed in.

I will travel out to london on my birthday and the way i intend to spend that day is really just doing al the stuff that i love, a few hours looking at the star wars exhibition before going to my favourit restaurant shake shack and to end it all a visit to the big odeon cinema at leicester square where they hold all the big premiers to see my favourit movie this year, spider man. Yeas i have seen it before but i really want to see it again. I cant imagine a better way to spend my birthday.

I am exhited to finally get to see and experience london. I am sure i will love it and enjoy my time there.



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