What to do in the Dominican Republic

Oh wow! What ever happened to this fall? It was just late september and we are all off a sudden at the end off december and its less then a week to Christmas. But I dont mind, that only means vacation is less then two weeks away now. I wont work from the 30/12 until i am back from my holiday the 17th off January.

I have the apollo app and i took a moment to look at what they offer for activities in the Dominican Republic. and i have to say i was very happy to see some real cool adventures. They have something for everyone, but the ones that spoke to me was Xtreme Megatruck, it is a real adventure in the jungle off the Dominican Republic. It is going down from 12 waterfalls, the largest one being ten meters high and going on a zip line and horseback riding. Seems awesome! My type off thing totally.

The other one was what we in Sweden call “Forsränning” i think it is called White water rafting.

Both would be so much fun but i think i am going to go on a slightly less dangerous choices, such as visiting the waterfall El limon that also includes Horse back riding and a stop at the Bacardi islands. The second trip i will pick is the Paradise Islands.

If i have the time i might just do the white water rafting anyway.

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