Disneyland Paris!!!!

I am back!
I know its been long sins my update. Its been a while sins i went to any trip. I went to New York in early november. Not much to say that was not said in my last post about New York really. Basically the same feeling, also this time it was less exiting sins i seen it before. But it was not meant to be a new trip, it was an escape from my everyday life. New York just happened to be cheap. Ever sins january 2018 i have not had proper vacation more then a few days here and there and it was starting to break me down. Its been all work lately.
But i have exiting news. I have booked a new trip! And it is my ultimate favourite place i wanted to see sins i was a kid.

I have longed for this trip my entire childhood dreaming that one day i get to go and see all the magic.
And it will be magical and so good to get away and just let lose and be a kid again. I need it.
I am exited to say the least. I spend my days currently looking up things for the trip, maiking sure it will be perfect.
The thing i found out? It is not that expensive to go. The entire trip went on less then 400 dolars. That is flight, hotel, transport and entery to both parks witch is not that bad considering it is Paris in high season. I dont know why but i allways had this image that Disneyland is super expensive, but it was not.
My plan is to spend one day in Disneyland and one day shopping. Its a short trip over easter so i dont have that much time, and sins i been to Paris before and seen the rest i can relax and just enjoy my Disneyland.
I am counting, days and minutes until april 19 when i leave for Paris.
Be sure to check in as the trip gets closer to see more details and get tips on the best Disneyland trip.

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