16 days to go….

This year is not a year when i get to the thing i like the most, travel. Usually i try to make at least two if not three trips a year. This year it will be only one, Disneyland Paris. There for i am looking forward to it and trying to make the most out off that trip.

I went to the Disneyland in Los Angeles and came out very disappointed, i thought i was going to get to go on rides but it was so much people and the lines were to long. So with that said i have spent a lot off time googling and reading a lot off pages where people talk about how they went at it so they could go on rides and it comes down to one thing. Plan. Have the App and go against the stream it seems is the best plan. Fingers crossed i get to go on a few rides.

This was the other night:

Other then that i plan to do a little bit off shopping and much to my horror i found out that on Sunday the day i was planing on shopping most shops in Paris are closed.. so that plan went out off the window. So i will do some shopping directly when i arrive in Paris going to a nearby Primark before going to the hotel and the rest i Will visit on sunday, its basically means one shop, new look sins Forever 21 is closed on sunday. But hay i get to do a little shopping…

Talking about Primark. It is the best store ever opened. It is cheep, it has fun cloths and the best part? They have alot off Disney stuff really really inexpensive i mean just look at this: A large stuffed Mickey Mouse costs 12 Euro. Go into the Disney Store and pick up the same size Mickey and it will be minimum 40 euros if not more.

That is just one example. So i defiantly recommend a stop at Primark.

Lastly i wanted to share the perfect shirt i found for my trip. It is so my current mood.
I am done being an adult, i am going to Disneyland. Yep, that says all about how i feel right now… only 16 days to go…

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