7 reasons to travel alone

So, the most common question i get asked about my travels are, why travel alone.

I might be the stupid one but i dont get why it is so strange in 2018 for someone to travel alone. It should not be such a big deal. What i think is that a lot off people, especially women make such a big deal out off traveling away alone that it becomes this big massive mountain to climb over, so it ends with them not even trying to wanting to give it a shot. 


For the longest time i was seating around waiting for people to come around for a trip to happened until one day, back in 2009. I used to love Real Madrid and decided to take a short trip to go see them live in Madrid. I came back after those four days with so much more confidence in myself because i proved to myself that i can do it on my own. It was the beginning off the best journey off my life. 

For anyone that is actually thinking about traveling away alone to the next city or even across the world, DO IT. Take a leap off faith, believe in yourself that you can manage on your own and just go. You will have the best off time and come back as a totally different person.

Here are my top 7 reasons to travel away alone. 

  1. No compromises. Traveling away alone means you dont have to compromise, you do what you want when you want without having to think about anyone but you. You can decide to sleep in, get up early, go see the things you want to see without having to think about “will the other person like this, is it ok for the other person”. That freedom is the best feeling ever, today we live in a world where you have to do things for a lot off people just to make them happy, it is so nice just to take a few days and focus on you, have some “me-time”. travelalone
  2. Personal Groth. This is something a lot off people told me, that i grown with every travel. I remember when i was living in Spain and my mom came to visit me. She told me something that stuck with me for all these years. “When you travel you are a totally different person, you let go off your shell and bloom out and grow”. This is by far the best reason to travel alone. To learn and to grow. I used to be very shy and back drawn but with every travel i have learned that i am stronger then i ever thought i was, that i am more capable then most in handling myself and that i not anything less then all those other people. I learned to talk to strangers and that with that you end up finding some off the best people in your life. I have learned to not to be so up tight and just let go and be free from all the things holding you back. I also learned to be more adventures, to try new things, to say yeas to things i never tried before and see what happens.
  3. Not wanting to destroy the experience you really look forward to having. This for me goes hand in hand with the first one. For me there are a few locations in the world where i dont wanna have company. One off them is Los Angeles. For me as a film lover Los Angeles is a place i dreamed about seeing for the longest off time. I dont want that experience ruined by someone that is not that interested in the same things. For example i am going back to LA next year to see the Academy museum off Film and i wanna take my time there, really see it and experience it i dont want someone walking behind me going “are we done soon?” It is just about having respect for yourself and you interests. If you have a special interest, maybe it is a city you wanna see, or a special activity you want do travel to that place alone and take your time experience it, enjoy it without having people with you that might not have the same understanding or love for that thing. If you dont give yourself that moment who will? 
  4. Get away from it al. For almost everyone off us today we will in a world where we constantly have to be online, have a million have to lists, constantly have to be communicating with the world around us. But sometimes we all need to shut the world out and just to be. I know it can be scary to log out and say see you in a week or two from now. To leave all the musts behind. All off a sudden we stand there wondering what are we espouse to do now. I decided to do that when i went to Dominican republic. I turned off the internet on my phone for that week and it was a wonderful break. I didnt look at instagram, my emails, or opened anything related to home. I came back relaxed and full with energy both physically and mentally. travel-girl-alone

  5. getting to know yourself and learning to trust yourself. 

  6. getting to know new people. When you travel alone you are more open to meeting new people and learning new things, and really experience the travel spot you are going to. When you travel with someone, you tend to hang with that person all the time, you are not open to meeting new people because you are on the trip to hang with your friend or whatever that other person is. 

  7. Its an adventure. The way i see it, every trip i take on my own is like an adventure. An adventure where only you can stop how far you will go. New culture, new people, new place you never seen before, all these things waiting for you to try them and see where they take you. Going with someone often means being safe and playing it safe. 9-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Travel-Alone

with that my seven reasons to traveling alone are done. I hope that if you where thinking about traveling away on your own i have with my reasons perhaps encouraged you to take that leap off faith and do it.