Star wars exhibition

I just found the perfect thing for me to do in London. You see i am this huge Star Wars fan and out off pure chance i googled Star wars London and found that there is a huge star wars exhibition in 02 Arena in London and i died.

This means an entire afternoon spent looking at Star Wars. Could i ask for anything better for my birthday??


If you are interested in the exhibition have a look here

Star Wars exhibition 02 Arena



Dreaming away to…

Today i began looking for the next ultimate destination New Zeeland. 

I was looking for a surf trip to Bali or costa Rica but they were both far to expensive so I decided to look at other options and I have to say looking at a trip to new zeeland it was not half as expensive as Bali or costa Rica. 

This might end up being my destination in February next year. 

London is coming

LondonThis summer has come and gone by so fast… it is august 1 on monday! GAH!!
How did we get to August so fast. But i don’t mind at all, it just means that my trip to London is coming up and i can’t wait!!!!

I am planing London as we speak and i can tell you it will be four days off fun.
What i am looking most forward to is the visit to the Shake shack. I tried it in New York two years ago and can’t wait to eat it again 😛



Oh wow zakynthos has the most beautiful place i ever seen!! Such beautiful coast. Such beautiful places. The blue water was like a dream. 

I will forever keep a peace off my heart in zakynthos. 

And I saw so much and did so much!!! I will write a longer review this weekend but for now I leave you with a few images

A week left

This spring has come and gone by so quickly i have not even noticed time passing, I looked at my calendar the other day and realised my next trip, the one to the greek island off Zakynthos is just around the corner. A week left before it is time for vacation.

Personally i can’t wait to get out off work for a while and just be..


a month left

So today it is exactly a month left before it is vacation time and time for ZAKYNTHOS!!!
guess who is longing for lazy days by the pool, a good book and a lot off sun…

anyway sins i am traveling with Apollo, i have the option off going on tours with them while in Zakynthos. I have booked 2 already.

  1. a trip to the kiri kiri islands that is near Zakinthos. It is the water turtle island where the turtles lay there baby eggs so i am hoping on seeing these cute creatures.
  2. A boat trip to what is known as the smugglers wreck. It is the most beautiful place in Zakinthos and the most photographed place.

I am also thinking about a day trip to see the olympia that is located on the island where you can see where they held the first Olympic games. but that is to be decided i have not made up my mind.


As I promised

Ok so on my last post I promised I would soon present a summer vacation I had planed. Here it is: zakynthos! 

I booked it with apollo charter to make things simple for me as they take care off the logistic and all I really need to focus on is having a blast. What I love about apollo is also their selection off activities they offer. Watermark, seeing where the first Olympic games took place and several day trips. 

Zakynthos click here for a video 

Next trip booked


After a lot off thinking and coming and going i have decided that i am gone travel to London in August for my birthday. I have already booked the tickets to see The lion king play.  GAH!!! i can’t wait!

I am now only waiting confirmation on when i can go on holiday this summer and i will soon update on another trip this summer. so hang in there more is coming.