Dominican Republic

This fall has been hard on me to say the least trying to balance school, work and side projects all at the same time as i tried to having a social life. It ended with me being mentally and physically exhausted and what better way to recover then a all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic has always been this place that i looked at and said welp that is a place i will never see. it is to much off a luxary place only rich people can go. But while booking i realised it was not that expansive, even though they have places i am sure that are luxurious and beyond most peoples pay check they have affordable hotels as well. We stayed at a perfectly ok hotel that offered all inclusive, a few bars and 3 restaurants with ok food.

We booked the trip for a week and it is the perfect amount off time. About the time the week is ending you have tried all restaurants, you tried all the drinks and seen enough off the entertainment and if you are like me, managed to squeeze in two apollo activities and you are beyond ready to leave the hotel.

Lets talk about the activities. You have a long list off stuff that the travel agency offers you if you go with one otherwise there are people on the beach selling trips. We picked two trips, one to the so called “Paradise Island” and the second one to the “El Limón waterfall”.

Paradise island is not even an island but a sand bank and you go there for scuba diving.
I have been to the great barrier reef and thought i had seen the most beautiful reef there is but i was wrong. Here around the sandbank you had beautiful colourful big fishes and a living colourful reef. I was amazed, this is a trip i recommend with all my heart.

Now to the El Limon. i am mixed about this one…you had to up before the sun to go on this trip, sat in a bus for like 4 hours before having to change the buss to a different one to go to this plantation place so you could look at how coffee and cacao is made. After that it was off to the horseback riding to what turns out to be the waterfall and even though you ask them like 10 times where we are going they don´t tell you so you can bring a camera. I felt bad for the horses..they had the worst conditions ever..the ground was muddy and packed with stones so they couldn’t walk properly and you are given a branch asked to hit the horse to make it go faster. That is no way to treat a beautiful animal like that… the waterfall it self was ok, not as beautiful as the pictures you have seen off it, the water falling down was brown and it looked dirty. But the best part off the trip, the part that made the trip worth it was the Bacardi island stop we made. It was the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen. to bad you couldn’t get into the water because there was stones on the bottom going straight into your feet. This trip was not my favourite i wish i could recommend it but there are other trips that are far better then this one.

One thing that i am used to and didnt get to do was getting to know the culture off the place i visit and its people. that is the best part off a trip and what makes you grow and learn. But there in Dominican republic they tell you time and time again it is not safe to go outside the fences and there are armed guards everywhere. It’s sad but its for a good reason.

All in all the trip was great, perfect for someone that wants to be lazy and just sleep, eat and drink and be in the sun. For me that was so exhausted it was perfect trip to recharge my batteries.

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