Meet me

You found my travel blog. How nice.

So first things first my name is Sara and welcome to my blog. tipsbysara is really a blog where you will find stories from my adventures around the world. Some have been magical trips others have been well lets just say not so magical.


Basically i love to travel and do it often. And most of the time i travel alone. That way you get to do what you want when you want without compromise.


I hope i can inspire you with ideas on what to do (or not) on your trip. Even better if i can inspire you to start your own adventures around the world.


So far i have been to over 27 cities on 4 continents. I have lived in Spain for 6 months where i worked at a media agency. While there i traveled around the country, learned about drinking sangaria, eating at monteditos and how not to stress.

Here is 7 reasons to why you should travel alone at least once in your life.
7 reasons to travel alone

I hope you want to stay and go on these adventures with me 🙂