This trip was something i have wanted to for a long long time but never had the courage. It is so far away and to do it alone was not an opption for a long time. Until last fall when i got tiered off waiting and decided to man up and do everything that i wanted to do for so long and my god was it worth it.

The reason Australia allways been on my bucket list is several things, one and maybe formost the great barrier reef. I allways wanted to see it for myself. I seen on the TV and pictures and found it looking so beautiful and wanted to be there scuba diving and watching the beauty that is beneth the surface. Another reason was my life long love for the cuddly cuties called koalas. There is no animal that is so close to my heart as the koalas. A third reason that really has been coming to me these past few years, surfing. And there is no place in the world that says surf as much as Australia.

In Australia there is alot to do and you can find things to do no matter interest. You like nature? Well you got the entire country packed with beautiful places to see and explore and if that is not enough you have the kings canyon where you can go hicking in the wild. Like surfing? There is surf camps and places that teach surfing at every corner in every city along the gold coast. Want big city life with shopping and dinning and such? There is Mellbourne, Sidney, Brisbane and that will give you all off that.

While planing my trip it was hard to really decide what i wanted to do, i was looking at so many options and really had a hard time picking my route but finally came to the conclusion i would go to Brisbane, then to Byron bay and last to Arlie Beach and whitsunday islands.


Well, i am having trouble to get a grip on my emotional torwards this city. I dont know, it was like you average big city not that much made it stand out from the other big cities you see. The time i spent there i spent alot walking around to get a impression off the town and even though it seemed somewhat dull it was a perfect way to start this trip. I got there at the evening around 10 PM and was so jetlagged. After a night off sleeping i made my way into town and my resque that day was junk food and the doughnut time shop in town. If and when you go to visit Australia you have to try this place! It is heavenly!

2Q5A0412-edit.jpg  2Q5A8773.jpg

But the best part off the visit happened the second day in town, long pine koala sanctuary. Words can not describe the emotiones i was having there. It was like visiting a magical place.

A place packed with cute cuddly Koalas to hold and watch and kangurues to feed and fall in love with. A place that is a must when you go to Brisbane. This is a sanctuary and not a zoo and you will love it, you dont walk around looking at animals in cages that is there to please you. You get to have close encounters with your favourite animals and that is so much better and more fun.

20170205_120928.jpg 20170205_123508.jpg

Byron bay:

My god i love this place! It is so beautiful a perfect little town with everything you will ever need right there. I can not talk enough about how amazing this little town was. It was a peace off heaven. I am not such a big fan off big city life and this place was perfect as you can imagine.

You probably heard about Byron bay because the entire hemsworth family (i think) have houses there and you probably seen paparazi pictures off them all there and you really see why Chris Hemsworth decided to leave hollywood life for that town.

When you go to Byron bay you have to atleast try surfing, this town breaths surfing with its surrounding beaches and perfect waves. In every corner there is banners up for surf camps, lessons, equipment renting and surf shops. This is also the only places is seen people walking threw town carrying the boards or even more interesting surfboards attached to their bikes. I personally went on a 10 day long surfcamp.


Other then surfing this town has pleantly off places for grabbing a bite to eat, if there is one place you have to try it is Bay kebabas. It is the best kebab you will ever eat. There is also alot off healthy places with smoothies and Ace bowls and chia pudding (all so delicious).

If we talk about things to do in town there is pleanty. There is several places you can sign up for a dolphin kayaking, it is going out on a kayak looking for dolphins and the best time for that is in the mornings. If you are lucky you will see dolphins closely. Other then that i recomend at least one trip up to the famous light house. There is two ways to go at it, eighter by the trail right next to the beaches or the road. The road is not lit all the way up so if you go in the morning or evening you will have a part off the road totaly dark. I recomend go the road the way up and go down the trail. You will find several places for work out and there is a specific trail for extra amout off training. Bring watter and a camera. The sights will be so beautiful. The best times to visit the light house is eigther sunrise or sunset. I tried sunrise.

I took a trip to a place called Nimbin. A little hippie village in the mountains. A little to much for my liking but i get why some find it fun. This place is the only place in the country that is legal to sell drugs. You will find people asking if you want cookies and what not and almost every shop sells drugs. I am not a fan off drugs so that didnt interest me but the town it self looked cute, real colorfull and fun to see.


After the ten days was over i moved in to the one thing that i was looking forward to the most, greet barrier reef.

Arlie Beach and Whitsunday islands.

Arlie beach in it self is not much to talk about. A smal town where people come prior to departing to the whitsundays and greet barrier reef area. There is all your basic needs. They do have a rather big outdoor lagun in the centre off town where you can go swimming.

There is so many different cruises that will take you to the whitsunday area, everything from a longer trip that takes several days to small half day cruises. I personally went on a ful day cruise.

The boat trip was ok until we got past Hamilton Islands and from there it got bumpy until we got into shore. We went on a good sailing day, not that much wind and worm weather and it was real bumpy i dont want to think what it is like on a more windy day…anyway alot off people say whitsunday island is one off the most if not the most beautiful beach in the world. I disagree it is a nice place, not that much people on the beach, white sand and clear water but to say it is the most beautiful place in the world is to much. The snorkling it self that took place in another island like 10 minutes away from where we stayed with the big boat was real nice place. You didnt have to swim far out to see anything and it was all there close to the shore. I think i was in shook that i was finally there because i was just looking around me and not really feeling the joy i was thinking i would. It all came later when we were going back home and it finally hit me, i was actually there i actually saw a smal part off what is left off the great barrier reef.

If you go to the australia this is a must, to go and see the reef. Sadly we all know the reef is dying and if you have a chance to see it and to experience it while it is still there take it, go see it. In a few years it wont be there.

My trip to Australia was short lived and i didnt get to see half off all the things i wanted to see (i wanted to see Sidney and Mellbourne and Pearth and Noosa and Fraser island and the entire gold coast.) but i will be back for all off them as well one day. The parts that i got to see i loved. I went there and fell in love. When i left, i left a little bit off my heart there.

Look below to find a few more picture from my adventure in Australia.


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