This was my first trip to Greece and the first time i went on a vacation to a small place where the purpose off the trip is to relax. I am about the worst person when it comes to relaxing, i allways have to have something to do even on my days off. Asking me not to do anything especially on vacation is really hard. But said and done i left for Kefalonia and learned a new way off traveling.

The place was really beautiful, up on the top off a hill, beautiful view over the ocean.

Exept from one day when i went on a cruise with the travelagency all i did was lie by the pool side or went down to the beach. The Cruise was a full day cruise that took you to a a remote beach but not before stoping in the middle off the way for snorkling. At the beach they had organized a barbeque and there were games to be played before headed back home. What the guide told us was that this beach we where at was a beach they used when they were filming parts off the mama mia movie.

What i recomend though if you want to explore more off the area is to rent a car or a motorbike and drive around to the nearby villages because on the village i was at there was 3 restaurants, 1 shop and a car renting service and that was it if yo uare ataying longer then a week you will get boerd off it all or i would atleast.

Ever sins the trip to Kefalonia i have made a pact with myself to atleast one a year to take a trip like this to a place just ot relax and not to do anything, it was relaly really nice and so refreshing to get out from the big city life and just to be without all the have to´s we allways have.

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