I absolutely loved London. It was four stressful days with a lot to do but oh my god was it fun. It was not until i got on the plane home that i realised just how tiered i was and how much my legs were hurting from all the walking i had done.

First day didnt go as planed at all, it became this cluster off Stress but it was all worth it. The Star wars exhibition was a blast. i didnt know what it was until i got there and i got very surprised as i started to realise what i got my self into. The exhibition had a very different approach then the other star wars exhibitions this one was actually allowing you to create your own star wars character by answering a bunch off questions as you went along and at every station they talked about different things, in the first station they started to talk about why we call a character like Chewbacca an animal or a monster, looking at his behaviours he is more like a human then an animal and they listed all his characteristic stuff and compared them to the ones off his best friend Han Solo. They also had a lot off prop and almost every character was there and had their own presentation, who they were, who their friends were, where they were from and so on and so forth. It was a very interesting exhibition.

Here you can read about my character. 

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After the exhibition i went back to town and went to see Spider man at the Odeon at Leicster square where they hold all the big premiers. it was a lot smaller then i though it would be. looking at the square on the TV i imagined it being bigger.

The fallowing day i went for a day off Shopping and i have to say i spent a lot more money then expected. London has so much shopping that you can get lost in it all, but i visited the stores i usually like, hollister, super dry store, forever 21, primark, New look and footlocker, It is so much cheaper buying things there then here at home.

In the evening i went to see the Lion King play and i have to say it was magical and so amazing! The moment they started with the opening song was magical.

Day 3 was really sightseeing day and it all started with me walking from Soho to Big ben and that area. it was a long walk but so worth it because you got to see so much off the town then when you go on the buss or a train. After that i went too see the madame tussauds those and if i can give a tip buy tickets before you go there the line for those that dont buy tickets before getting there is 2 hours long!

Madam Tussauds was really crowded and it took time to get anywhere. But it had a lot off fun statues, they have this King Kong installation,, ET on the first floor. As you go down you get all the interesting ones in my opinion. They had this floor dedicated to marvels and it was a blast. Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman and the Hulk where all there. They also had this 4D experience cinema but i had seen it before and i had said it before i am not looking forward to 4D, it is not fun.

But the best part was the last floor where you had all the star wars character and it was huge!!! You had Luke, Han Solo, Leia, R2D2, C3PO, BB8 and the rest.

On the saturday i did one off the most classical things to do in London, go to the markets, i managed to take a tour to both Camden town and the Portobello market. I have to say i liked the Portobello one more. I found several things that i bought and love. Camden was more about the food then the actual shops i got the impression off and most stores had the same things.

Aside off all off that i saw that London has a lot off burger bars that we dont have here in Sweden so i decided to try different ones and see witch was the best. i tried shake shake one night, a place called five guys another night, then i tried Bubba Grumps. and the winner was without a doubt Five guys! it was delicious! It had this 50 feels to it with the milkshakes that was amazing! But Bubba Grumps veggie burger was so good too and shake shak is always shake shak but non had a chance against five guys.

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