Madrid is to be the best place i ever visited in Spain and i have seen a lot off Spain.
What makes me love Madrid the most is because off one thing, the liveliness off the city. There is no city like Madrid.

Madrid is a city off culture to be honest. You have three different mayor art galleries, Reina Sofia, Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. In them you will find painting from Picasso, Dali and Miro.

Sure, Madrid lacks this mayor thing that catches the eye like Rome has the Colosseum and Paris has the Eiffel tower but instead the entire city is one beautiful architecture master peace. You have these medieval castles and palaces that are really breathtaking. just take a trip down to the city hall and look at its building. It is one master peace in it self among many.

Every time i have visited the city has been to look at real madrid and i think i seen the most off it, i saw the el classico, i saw the madrid derby and i also been present then the team has been celebrating winning the league. and there is no place like Santiago Bernabeu. You are basically seating down by the pitch and the closeness you feel to the game is unique. There are barely anytime that is not sold out so when you go you are standing there with 50 000 other people and the best thing you have to see if you ever attend a game is the way the supporters welcome their team as they come. Almost everyone surrounds both sides off the road and applaud the team and sing their songs. it is real beautiful to see before heading into the game. You don’t aha etc be a fan off football to get dragged in to the atmosphere and enjoy the game.

In Madrid i recommend one thing, walk around. The distances between the sights that are a must aren’t far so you can just walk around and in the process get a feel for the town.

One place that is a must is Puerta del sol in the centre off town. It is a real big plaza with street musicians, restaurants, people walking threw. You will find the symbol off Madrid there. its a statue off a bear eating strawberries. I think it symbolises that liveliness that Madrid really is. I mean you can go out at 9 in the evening and still it will be packed with people out and about.

Another must is parque the reitro. it is a real beautiful park where you can go for a picnic, a walk or just to hang. There are children theatre there also. But the park is so big and you will be able to find a quiet place to relax.

What i have enjoyed the most is the one place that i didnt know existed until i by chance came across it. Warner Bros park in madrid. You walk in there and it is like stepping back into your childhood, there you have Tweety, the flintstones, superman, batman and everything else that warner bros have and it is so much fun.

One more thing that is fun, is the Madrid nightlife. I have not been out clubbing there a lot but the times i have, they have all been epic nights so if you can and want do try the Madrid nightlife you will love it.

In shorts Madrid has something for everyone. If you like art well there are the 3 world famous art galleries. If you like football, one off the largest football teams play in the city and so on and so forth. You can’t go to Madrid and say that you couldn’t find anything you like.