It was by pure chance that i found this island in greece to be honest. Me and my friend were looking for a last minute trip to the sun and this name popped up. Mykonos is a real charming place, a little island that really is everything in one, shopping, beautiful beaches, parties and windmills.

We choose to live outside off town in this little village if you can call it that, small place had basically two restaurants, one at the beach and one up on the road and 3 hotels in the area so it was allways calm and peacefull witch was perfect, the city was 20 minutes away on a buss so it was not that far away and within ten minutes you were at the next village where you could find many restaurants and bars.

Most days really contained off two things, going down to the beach after breakfast and later in the afternoon come back up and get ready to leave for town with the buss. Just the way you want to spend your days. We where there for 5 days so we had two days planed with other activities, one day to stroll around the city off Mykonos, really it is not that big you can absolutly do that in a few hours in the evening. Exept shops in small white houses and cute little streets there is only two things to see in the city off Mykonos, the Windmills and the pink flamenco that strolls around the city. What i recomend is that you atleast one night make a reservation and have a dinner by the shore and watch the sunset. It is really beautiful. But also really really popular, most restaurants in that area is full booked.

One day we went on a cruise that the travelagency offered us. We went to the harbour and left with a boat to a remote beach before going to the two most famous places in Mykonos, Paradise and super paradise beach. It was like stepping into a beach party.

Aside off that there is not much to see and do in Mykonos other then lying on the beach, eating lovely food at the local taverna and just enjoy yourself in what ever way you like it. But then again what else do you want or need? It was the perfect place for the perfect vacation.

This year Mykonos really have become the destination for every movie star. I have seen so many starts posting from Mykonos during the summer. I am sure if you go there you will find yourself eaten dinner next to Kendall Jenner or Chis Hemsworth.


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