There was many ways to describe Paris, the city off light, the capital off fashion and design, the most romantic place in the world are just a few and they are all true.

Going to Paris i looked online on what is the things you have to see before leaving Paris and the list was never ending, i quickly realized that with a place like Paris you really need to pick and choose but some things on that list was obvious choices like eifel tower, notredam, luvre and a walk along the siena.

So what we did was really just pick the most see worthy places to go and see and the rest we just took it was we went.

On our first day we went to Montmarte and more specifically the Sacre Coure.  Not so much in the centre off town but really worth a visit. It was a realy beaufitul area. Not just the stairs up to the church and the view over paris but also the neigbourhood around it, the smal streets, the little shops and also the smal vineyards that people had in the gardens. When outside the gated area you can walk up on the street to see something more iconic, atleast to me as a film lover. The theater where they play and also where they in 2011 recorded the Moulin Rouge. It looks just like in the film. Montmarte is also one off the places you will find things realted to the famous singer Edith Piaf. In this area she worked as a street singer and later in her 20s she reguarly played at a club in the area, Au Lapin Agile.

When you are in the centre off town you will quickly learn that the Sien really takes you to most off the must see stops off the town. What we did was that we began our second day at the Luvre and later just followed the river down to Notredamn and the old town.

About Luvre, it is huge! It was many many exhibitioons so what you need to do unless you wanna spend days in there looking at art you really need to pick and choose. The most famous exhibition that leads you to the mona lisa and the rest off the Da Vinci art. Other then that really just go with what you want. We went and saw the greek and egyptian relics exhebition before moving on to see the most famous painting in the building. But also take time to observe the louvre it self from the outside, it is really beautiful especailly at night with all the lights.

As i said our next stop was the Notredamn and when were keep a look out for the 3 protectors off the building that you also see in the disney film about the castle.

I personally didnt get to see much off the Paris old town we only made a quick stop there but it looked beautiful and i am sure that it is worth a longer visit, it seemed really beautiful with cafes, shops, smal streets and old houses.

When you got that far the world famous shopping street leading down to the arc de trumph, Champs-elysèes is not far away. A walk off about maybe fiften minutes and you are there, on your way you will walk by Place de la Concorde, when i was there it was under construction. Walking down Champs-elysèes street that is really a broad street with so many people and cars, both sides being field with shops with all the big brands both from France and international. This is when you realize just how much off a fashion and design centre Paris really is in the world. If you want the smaller brands you have to walk a few streets down and you will find them also. The arc de triumph is also worth a stop. It is the worlds biggest arc and really is magestic. Napoleon had it build after winning a battle. Arcs in general was something i discovered was common to build after winning battles, there were a few off them in much smaller scale, i saw one in Rome for example.

On one off our last days in town we stopped by maybe the biggest tourist attraction and must see off paris, the Eiffel tower. The tower is really big and majestic. As you walk around the corner and you see it you can’t help but to be amazed by it. When we got there the line was crazy long but it went rather quickly to get in and we were soon in the elevator going up. You can walk up to the first floor wth stairs if you want to but i was not feeling that atheltic. There are 3 stops on the elevator, first floor is the coolest off them all really. It is a transparant floor so you can look straight down below. Here you will also find a smal museum on how they built the construction. The second stop is on off the two 360 lookout points. You just walk around and look at Paris below you and if you feel the need for more hight there is yet another stop but the first will really do it. And by all means dont go home without taiking a walk in the park that the tower is located on and have a seat in the park and look at the construction or try to take cool pictures with the tower. I was there during the day i can imagine it being more beautiful during night time.

There are about 100 more things to see and do in Paris, jardin the luxenburg, les invalides, parc monceau, Musèe d’Orsay and not to mention Disneyland.

What i loved the most was just the walks along the siena, it was so beautiful, the river it self that was deviding the city, the houses on both sides and the calmness it was bringing to the city. And it is also on off the many smal brigdes across that you will find the famous lock bridge, the place couples go and place a lock and throws the key away in an act off is cute and really sweet.


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