During the fall when the weather is cold there is nothing that beats a week in Rome strolling, eating ice cream in 15 degrees heat.
In Rome you walk round in the colosseum and other roman architecture and are constantly amazed by it all, how much work has been put in all these pieces and how much details there and how big it all seems to be. Where ever you walk in town you will find something related to the roman time, there are sights all over town with art and architecture so really just by strolling around town will make sure you see plenty off things but there are some things that is a must when in Rome
One and maybe the most important place, colosseum. You don’t have to walk in but just walking by it seeing the size off it and how it was build at the time really is amazing but walking in you will see how it looked during the gladiator games, where the audience sat, where the gladiators stayed. Even if the games then self were horrible it was really cool too see it and to try to imagine how the games looked.
Another must see is The forums. It is right next to the Colosseum. There you will find a lot off pieces from what looked like a town from the roman time. You see the square the centre, the houses, some art from that time and also several triumphal arches that was very common for the time.
Strolling threw town you have to go and find the fontana di trevi. It might be a little tricky sins it is in centre off town and there are a lot off small streets that you need to navigate threw. It is really beautiful and also looks a lot bigger then i thought. There is a lot off ice cream stands next to it so grab an ice cream and take a break observing it.
Another place you will probably end up walking by is the Pantheon witch is one off the best preserved old Roman temples, a true masterpiece if you look at the architecture.
And there always the vatican. I personally had no interest in seeing it even thought i went.
If you really want to continue the roman theme off the trip, take a trip out to a place called Ostia Antica. It is a proper roman town that you can walk threw and properly see the homes and how a town could look.
I don’t think i need to say a word about the food, it is Italy after all and there is no one that knows delicious food as well as them. But warning must be given, if you order a pizza from a places that serves Naples food you will get mackerel on every pizza. I personally didnt like it at all.
As you stroll threw town in Rome take a lot off breaks the italians are masters on coffee and ice cream and there are places in every corner.
What i loved about this town was that the streets were small and cozy and it was a perfect place for cozy and long walks and everything is so close together so you can walk everywhere. In the week we spent there i don’t think we took the train more then once or twice.
On the last day we were there they were filming a hollywood movie on the streets off central town and i later found out it was the “American Assassin” movie that will open in theatres in august this year staring Michael Keaton and Dylan Obrien. Kind off cool but i didn’t spot any off them.
Rome is a perfect place for a get away from your everyday trouble, Delicious food, ice cream, so much history and things to see to get your mind off it all and worm weather all year around..i went in November early December and it was 15 degrees..

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