Its been a few days sins i came home from zakynthos and i can say without a doubt its the most beautiful place that i seen in Greece.
Zakinthos really has it all, there are places for everything in that area. I was there for a week and i think i managed to both relax by the pool and drink drinks all day and go on some adventures.
I was staying in Kalimaki and i have to say that was one off the downsides off the trip. Kalimaki is totally dead. there is nothing there but a few restaurants and a decent beach. If i can recommend something is that you stay in Laganas, the next village. That is a city with bars, clubs, better restaurants, better beach with less kids running around screaming.
Before going i booked 3 trips with my travel agency, Apollo. Two boat trips on either side off the island and a trip to Olympia, the place where the first olympic game was held. If i could make the same choice again i would skip Olympia. It was a total waste off time. 3 hours going there by buss in 40 degrees heat to a place with not that much to see to be honest, so not worth the time and money. If you want to see that, i suggest taking a fall or spring trip to Athen and from them there go to the Olympia.
The first boat trip i took went to Keri Keri islands or as it is better known as, the turtle island. It was an absolutely perfect trip. We went off to the island and saw two turtles one before taking off and one during the trip. During the trip we also stopped twice for swimming by the famous caves that you will find being a signature for the island off Zakinthos before returning home.
But without a doubt the second boat trip the one going to the Ship Wreck was the highlight off it all. OH MY GOD. First off all they took us out on a absolute beautiful boat called The pirate ship. Just look at the images, isn’t it magical?? We went by the coast and i have to say i has never seen such beautiful scenery as it was there. the crystal clear water, the white sandy beaches the caves it was all very unreal. Also here we stopped for twice for swimming, one right by the caves and one at the ship. And my god, the ship was such a magical moment. as we approached it the captain began playing “my heart will go on” and we looked in front off us at clear blue water, beautiful white beach totally surrounded by big mountains and there in the middle off it was was a old wreck off a ship that once had sunk in those waters. I have one thing to say load your camera with both space and battery you will need it on this trip that is a absolute must if you are in these areas.
One thing that surprised me was that as i was looking in stores i saw many designers stuff being sold really really cheap. I saw several stores that had micheal kore purses, ray-ban glass and sneakers for no money at all. Personally i bought a pair off ray-ban glasses for the cheap price off 5 euros that is nothing compared to what i would have needed to pay back home. Who knew Zakinthos seems to be the place to look for cheap shopping.
Other then all off that i spent a day at the so called st nicholas beach or as it is also known Banana beach where you can practise water sports. while there i decided to try flyboarding and it was hard but so much fun. Most villages have free busses to the beach, just look for the yellow buss and with the yellow buss you usually get a free ride on one off the most popular water rides, banana. it is a ride where ten people seat on a banana ship floaty and a motor boat drives them around in high speed.
So in conclusion, Zakynthos was an absolute perfect destination for anyone and there is something for everyone there.

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