Los Angeles

Oh Los Angeles, a part off me will stay here, you can keep it forever dear.

I have to admit i am a movie geek, as long as i can remember i have stayed up watching the oscars every year so as you can imagine i was beyond exited when i went to LA, this trip made so many dreams come true by the time i went home i had to pinch myself to make sure it was a real.

The first thing i noticed getting to LA was that it is so big and so far between things. It is really a car town unlike New York where you get everywhere walking.

Walking around town i didnt know where to look, i looked down and i saw the walk off fame and all the stars that i only ever dreamed off ever walking on and wherever you looked it was something you recognised i didnt wanna miss a thing for a second.

The first place i visited was the codak theatre where they host the oscars every year and as i said i have been watching it for so many years on the tv and walking in there was one off the moments that you have coming along once in a life time. I walked up the same stairs i seen so many stars walk every year and i got to talk the same walk they all take to get to their seats and stand on the same stage the winners stood at..it was beyond huge. i was shaking. And this is a place you have to visit no matter if you are a movie fan or not. It is such a significant part off the town it is a must see.
Right next to it you have another iconic place, the TLC chinese theatre, it is not only an old theatre but on the ground and walls you will find messages written from the stars both new and old.
If those two places is not enough you have a third place worth checking out, the big cinema where all the big premiers you see from LA are held.

There are many film museums in LA but the one that i recommend is the one called Hollywood museum. It is a small one but all so charming with so much history and a lot off props from movies and tv shows. This is the best one in the wait for the big and majestic one, the one everyone talks about the academy museum that will be done with its remodelling in 2019. I for one will make a return back to LA just so i get to see it.

Beside all the hollywood glamour LA really has it al, it is a big town with everything that comes with it but it is also always very close to parks, hiking trails and the ocean. And if you are in LA you have to walk up one mountain at least, the one with the big hollywood sign. Maybe you will have better luck then me. I asked around and people told me to go Griffith park and there you will have a trail and just go on it, you can’t miss it. So said and done i went to the park and walked up the only trail i could find and ended up on the wrong side off the mountain.
But this is a full day activity because you are not just walking on a trail you are also walking threw one off the most beautiful parks in LA that is a must see in it self. As you walk threw this park making your way to the trail and the observatory you walk by a abandoned old zoo and the greek theatre, both very nice please for a visit.
Where i ended up instead off the hollywood sign was the observatory where i had a magical view over the town and saw a dedicated statue to James Dean on the top off the mountain and went inside a science museum. If you don’t wanna walk to the hollywood sign then take a trip here it is really worth it not just for the sites but also for the beautiful way you have up and down but bring water!

LA is a coast town so you have several beaches lined up the most famous one being Venice beach. At Venice beach you have several options. You can stroll on the beach and enjoy a relaxed day going for a swim, surfing or why not just work on your tan. Another option is the side walk where you will find the most ridicules street artists doing the most ridicules acrobatic things ever and stores that sell the most average things you can think off but it is also a fun place to just stroll along and watch all the craziness. If you like you can actually start the day with a visit at the muscle beach and get some workout done in before continuing your walk down the beach or why not rent a one wheeled bicycle or one that will take five people. The beach untimely leads for the iconic Santa Monica pier and the amusement park.

And i couldn’t pass LA without a shopping tour and the best place for that is third street promenade where you will find all the stores you can think off, sunpac, forever 21, brandy melville, ambercombie and fitch you name it, it is there. I came away with so much new cloths.

One place that i randomly came across was actually a small store at hollywood boulevard that had old posters and movie books for sell, Larry Edmunds bookshop. i walked in and there in this little store was signed posters, books about movies old and new stuff. I walked away with 3 posters one signed charlie chaplin one, one with the little mermaid and one with charlie chaplin from his the kid movie. It is a lovely store for any movie lover.

LA is a big town as i previously stated so it is really nice if you take a trip a bit further out. I decided one off the days to travel out to the getty centre. On my way there i also took a few moments to see UCLA, it was a lot smaller then i thought.

At Getty centre you have a full day ahead worth off activities. they have exhibitions, there is a great outdoor botanic garden, several very interesting sculptures and outstanding views all over the city in a 360 degree. I would personally recommend to take time to visit this place it is interesting and it is also free.

Going to LA or the states in general you can’t go home without having at least visited one amusement park, US is known for their crazy roller coasters. There are many options here in LA, the classic and beloved disney land, the modern and very cool Universal studios or six flags, the place with all the crazy insane roller coasters… i went with the classic choice off disney land. I grew up with disney and have never really been there.
Going to Disney land they call it a magical place and i have to tell you it is true, you walk in threw the doors and you are instantly transformed to being a child again. You walk along and you see all these beloved characters and the big princes castle, the parade and all the fun rides you are back to being a kid again no matter how old you are.

If you are a movie lover you have to visit at least one or two off the studios tours. almost every studio has a tour for you in LA. Just pick and choose. And you also have to do the most touristic thing you can do the celebrity home tours that there are plenty off at hollywood boulevard. Yeas it is cheesy and it might look lame but it is so much fun driving by houses like the playboy mansion or the house where they recorded the fresh prince in bell air and iron mans home in LA.

And if you are a sports fan don’t be discouraged you can always catch a game with the LA lakers and the Dodgers during their seasons.

One thing that always makes me sad still is a very sore point for me is that my camera decided it was a good time to play a hoax on me so almost all my pictures are damaged..it didnt even let me know something was off until i had returned home and uploaded the images to my computer..

I knew i would like LA but not as much as i ended up loving it.
Some call LA the land off dreams and it is actually a fitting name.

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