New York

New York is a place we all seen on tv, in tv shows and movies so when the opportunity presented it self for me to go it all seemed unreal to me.

Unreal is i think i good way to describe this trip in general for me.
I was there, i saw the time square, i took walks in central park and saw the empire state building and went shopping but it al felt like a dream it never really sunk in that i was there until a few days after i came back home and i sat looking back went “holly shit…i was just there..”.

We were there for ten days and sins it is New York we did your basic stuff, grand central station, fifth avenue, Rockefeller centre, radio city, central park, empire state building and the statue off liberty. There was not much time left after that. There is so much to see in New York if you have not visited before that you always end up getting stuck doing all the touristic stuff. I guess the positive thing is that the next time i go i can skip all off that and actually get a feel for the town. I am so looking forward to going back someday for that second visit to just be in New York.

One thing that i did though that is not a part off the touristc stuff is to walk by the film school where so many off the biggest movie stars went to school. Actors like Gene Hackman, Robert Deniro, Dustin Hoffman, Sally Fields and so many more attended that school and i went by one off their facilities and stood outside. And it is also the same school that has the tv series actors studios where many other movie stars have been guests in. Being a movie geek it was a huge deal for me.

The thing that i didnt get to do but really wanted to do was to see a play at broadway. When you go to New York it is a must, to see a play at one off the biggest if not the biggest theatrical stages in the world. It dosent get bigger then that. But there was never time for me to do that so next i go back i definatly will make sure to book a visit for a play. And looking at the list off plays you can look at there are so many and so many different ones so you will definitely find one that will please you no matter what you like.

What i loved about New York is that there is that it is a big city but everything seems to be so close together. We could basically walk everywhere. You actually get a feel for the town as you walk threw it to get to things and New York is a blessing for walking, With their street system you barely ever need a map.

Shopping wise New York has it all and sins it is the states it is so much cheaper then at home…i have to admit i went into the levis store and came out with 3 new pair off jeans and later in the the week went into the converse store i came out with seven pairs and the best part? all seven costed me as much as i would have paid for one pair. But if you really wanna do cheap shopping you have to leave the inner city and go to one off the outlets outside central New York. There are many outlets the two that i know off is Woodberry and the other one is bit closer to town, Tagner not only will you find better prices but in a case like tanners you will have all the stores you might ever need under the same roof making it easy then having to walk up and down a street to get to shops. So a tip? pack light because you will need the space for the return way.

Food vice you have to try Shake Shak, i tried it and fell in love. It is the local hamburger place that only now seems to have gone international. Otherwise New York is New York you will find any food you like anywhere and at anytime. most restaurants are open until late at night. We got to New York at around nine in the evening and made our way around town for a bit and everything including shoes were open..

To sum it all up? I loved New York, and i wanna go back one more time. It is a magical place that has everything including cheap shopping witch is awesome.


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