Shopping is one off my favourite things to do. So here you will find my best tips on where to go shopping on you next trip.

One off my absolute favourite places to go when it comes to shopping.

Oxford street and the streets next to it really has it all. every shop you can ever wish for you find there, cheap stores like primary and forever 21 up to famous designer stores like Gucci and what not. There are minor shopping centres all over town for less crowded shopping but that also means smaller selections in the stores.

My favourite stores on Oxford street
Victoria secret
Forever 21
New Look
Sneakers and stuff

Los Angeles
3 street promenade has it all. it is just like oxford street but a little smaller, here you will be able to satisfy all your shopping needs in one place.
Third street promenade

New York
New York is the tricky one to be honest. Sure you will find all the stores on fifth avenue or the streets next to it but it will be really expensive. S if you want cheep shopping i suggest taking a trip to one off the many outlets where you will get your shopping done and save some money.

5th avenue
My two favourite outlets are
Jersey garden