There is really nothing as fun as surfing if you ask me and there are plenty off places where you can go to surf.

If we start in Europe the best places to go surfing are:
1. Ericeira, Lisbon, Portugal
2. Biarritz, France
3. San Sebastian, Spain
4. Norway

If you are a new beginner to the sport there are several agencies that offer you packages.
one that i love and will surely use again is la point.

La point

They offer you several types off packages to many different locations for a reasonable price. Yo will have classes once a day with certified surfing instructors.

If you have been surfing before you can just grab your board or rent one when you get to the location and just go at it. La point do offer housing package for the ones that just want that without classes as well.

Then if you look abroad further away there is on place that you need to visit if you love surfing. AUSTRALIA! it literarily breaths surfing and aside of the actual action you really get into the lifestyle off a true surfer.

When i went to Australia i booked a camp called byron bay surf camp but there are plenty more surfing camps that offers you whatever you can imagine.

10 day surf camp
Australian surf tours
Byron Bay surfcamp