Tips for the movie lovers

If you are a movie lover and want to do a trip with movies being the main interest i have several tips.

One and maybe for most, Los Angeles.
The city litterarly breathes movies.
You can’t avoid the movie theme when being in LA.

One place that i recommend is to visit the dolby theatre on hollywood boulevard.
It is the place where they hold the oscars every year and it is defiantly worth a visit.
Dolby theatre
When you are done with that there is more to see right next to it, the Chinese theatre.
You can go inside but it is more then enough just to be outside and to look at all the signatures on the walls and floors. On the other side off the dolby theatre you have the ultimate wax doll museum where there is props by every statue so you can dress up like chaplin standing next to him or why not stand in the shower from the famous Hitchcock shower scene or maybe seat at the godfathers boss table.
TLC Chinese theatre
Hollywood Wax Museum

In LA you have several studios you can visit, where you can walk in on sets, see props and see how movies are made.

Paramount studios
universal studios
Warner bros

If you don’t want to go to LA there is other options.

In Madrid, there is warner park.
Parque warner

In New York there is a lot to see as well
NBC Studio tour
Check here for sights to visit in New York

London there is also a lot to see
London film museum